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Satin Back Crepe - Crepe Back Satin - Black

Satin Back Crepe - Crepe Back Satin - Black
You say to"MAY"to, I say to"MAH"to. You say Po"TAY"to, I say Po"TAH"to, To"May"to, To"MAH"to, Po"TAY"to, Po"TAH"to, let's take the day off.... and make a classic blouse, dress, skirt or full leg pants, worthy to be worn by Grace Kelly during the height of her reign in Hollywood. Classic elegance, that is crepe-back-satin, or satin-back-crepe, its your choice whether to share the shine, or the matte side, or to mix them up for perfectly matched textural contrast.

Code: satinback154
Quantity in Basket: None
Price per Yard: 69

Enter yards required with fractional length as decimal. For a swatch enter .05
Width: 45" wide, with 54" available by special order

Fiber Content: 100% Silk

Color: Black and hundreds of other colors

Manufacturer Recommends: Dry Clean Only.