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Wear Anywhere Delicate Beaded

Wear Anywhere Delicate Beaded

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103 cm or 40" wide rust orange metal tulip settings, clustered in an arrangement of misty and smoke blue, and flesh tone beads, highlighted with light green set gemstones, hand sewn on a delicate navy chantilly lace. Scallooped border on one selvage, straight eyelashes on the opposing

What sold us, and clients of Fine Fabrics on this piece is that it can be interpreted elegantly, ethnic, and casual, or classically dressy to formal. Part of the Paris Haute Couture Collection from Solstiss shared at Fine Fabrics 3rd Annual World's Finest Lace Show.

Clients of Fine Fabrics are making a floating off the shoulder jacket, bordered at its hem with the scalloped border, with sleeves made using the straight eyelash side for the sleeve hem, to wear over one of her favorite designer made navy sheaths.

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