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Fine Fabrics Couture

"Couture" translates literally from French as "dressmaking."

Fine Fabrics supplies couturiers around the World with the finest ingredients for fashion:

  • Lace from the mills of France
  • Silk and wool from the mills of Italy
  • Cotton from the mills of England, Italy and Switzerland
  • Silk milled and dyed in the U.S.A.
  • Linen from the mills of Eastern Europe
  • Buttons from Czechoslovakia, Germany and Italy

The couturier working with Fine Fabrics are also among the best in the World, with skills honed over decades of sewing for the most distinguished clients of Santa Barbara.

The process of having a couture garment made for you begins with a design meeting usually with Susanne Chess. Susanne is a creative facilitator, who generates a vision in concert with her clients.

A pattern and muslin (a rough draft of the garment) is then constructed, for a design check and to insure the final garment fits perfectly. A perfect fit is the hallmark of a couture garment. With complicated designs the client may be required to return for more than one muslin fitting.

The garment is then sewn, by machine and with hands experienced in haute couture techniques. During this process the client will be required to appear for one or more fittings.

And, with a store full of the finest ingredients for fashion at their fingertips, a couture garment from Fine Fabrics is destined to be a long term mainstay of your wardrobe.