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Tapper for Santa Barbara Magazine
Aug/Sep 2008, p. 54

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A Touch of Luxe

Entering Fine Fabrics is a bit like walking into a gourmet chocolate shop or an expensive perfumery -- a feast for the senses. Especially this August, when a rare exhibit and sale of Solstiss lace from northern France inaugurates the textile shop's new Kimball Street location......The Solstiss swatches themslves -- created by a consortium of four of France's most exclusive lace makers -- are works of art and inspirations for wearable masterpieces. One gossamer panel in silver and mauve incorporates shimmers of beads, wisps of multicolor hains, and tiny tiny of leather -- "my favorite piece," admits [Proprietor Susanne] Chess. "Its an ecclectic but feminine pattern." Another panel has sequined tendrils of pale green, like a sring garden fantasy, while a third in rich urple and pale teal, shot with metallic detailing, is something out of Arabian Nights.

Of course, all the shop's usual textile temptations are still there: designer Italian fabrics.... made for and used by Armani, Cavalli, and Missoni; handmade batiks from Sri Lanka.... traditionally dyed fabric.... produced by a woman's cooperative in Mauritania; to say nothing of Santa Barbara's best collection of shell, horn, metal and other beautiful buttons -- Joan Tapper for Santa Barbara Magazine, Aug/Sep 2008, p. 54.... In the same issue of Santa Barbara Magazine is an interview with Luis Estevez, "The Man Behind the Seams " by Dale Kern, with portraits by Coral von Zumwalt