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There is even more in the store, located at 1307-B State Street, Downtown Theatre District, Santa Barbara, California.

Fine Fabrics Couture

Fine Fabrics Clients' Creations and Interpretations

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Fine Fabrics is your source for the World's Finest Fabrics online.

You can also see, touch and feel our fabrics at Fine Fabrics Santa Barbara fabric store.

Discriminating hands source for you the softest cotton and wool, silk with the finest flutter and drape, the crispest linen, couture fabrics and designer fabrics, and the World's Finest Lace.

Fine Fabrics also offers a broad selection of buttons, ribbon, trim, such sewing notions, as sewing thread, interfacing, lining fabric, silk pins, and sewing patterns.

"Whether lavishly embroidered in famous ateliers," the fabrics of many of which are available online exclusively from Fine Fabrics, "or pieced together with stitches at home, these garments," made using fashion's finest ingredients, "--exemplars of perfection or exercises in humility -- are not readily forgotten." - Paris Haute Couture, edited by Olivier Saillard and Anne Zazzo

"Entering Fine Fabrics is a bit like walking into a gourmet chocolate shop or an expensive perfumery -- a feast for the senses... Especially this August, when a rare exhibit and sale of Solstiss lace from northern France inaugurates the textile shop's new [Historic Santa Barbara Downtown] location...... The Solstiss swatches themslves -- created by a consortium of four of France's most exclusive lace makers -- are works of art and inspirations for wearable masterpieces" - Santa Barbara Magazine

"It's a difference of craftsmanship," - Santa Barbara News Press

...used in unexpected ways, to the likes of Cavalli, Dior, Gaultier, Givenchy, LaCroix, Posen, and Valentino. Style icons Coco Chanel, Empress Eugenia, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Gloria Swanson all donned Solstiss for portraits, and Grace Kelly was married in a gown of the luxe stuff.

Each piece... is a work of art, and the opportunity for the public to check it out in its raw form is rare, and not to be missed. The collection will be available for viewing .... , and the beautiful, handmade creations will be available for aspiring designers to purchase and incorporate into their own designs. Or, for a truly special indulgence, have a gown designed and made for you by Fine Fabrics' couture service. -- Santa Barbara Independent